Placing an ad in the paper isn’t sufficient to attract an outstanding, well-matched CEO.
Depending on the season, responses to postings may yield too few candidates who appear ready for the challenge. Egmont Associates develops custom sourcing strategies targeted to high-performing and experienced applicants. We use proven relationships and effective research to share your opportunity directly with selected nonprofit leaders who are actively engaged in running innovative and effective organizations. Making individual connections with in-the-know referral sources enhances our ability to reach the best-qualified highest-potential candidates. Contact by a friendly and knowledgeable senior search professional can make the difference in a CEO candidate’s decision to apply.

Hiring is more than selecting an applicant from a pool of resumes.
Egmont Associates brings experience screening thousands of applications. Resumes are two-dimensional, often offering only where candidates have worked and been educated. Flaws can be masked or overlooked, and genuine potential for fit can be missed. There may be too many applications for volunteers to meaningfully review, and differences of opinions on the review committee can be difficult to navigate. A practiced search consultant’s eye and follow-up through personal inquiries with potential matches are needed to develop an attractive mix of well-qualified, diverse candidates with the potential for consideration by the Search Committee to yield finalists.

ID-10046978Hiring is more than calling in a few candidates for interviews.
Before candidates are invited to meet the organization in person, Egmont Associates assists the Search Committee in planning thoughtful and targeted interview questions. We conduct extensive telephone interviews with candidates selected by the Committee and provide detailed transcripts including answers to strategic issues. Then Egmont Associates meets in person with candidates who meet the Committee’s requirements.

CEO candidates need communication that shows appreciation for their accomplishments and interest in all they have to offer. Every applicant is acknowledged and kept informed about their status in the process. Materials are provided to assist candidates preparing to meet the Search Committee in learning about the organization at the level needed to determine fit with the opportunity. Egmont Associates understands the organization’s culture and can provide answers to create clarity for finalists. Those in the candidate pool who will not be chosen receive a personal response so they know their involvement has been appreciated.

Egmont Associates helps the organization prepare a draft offer in advance of negotiations with the selected finalist. Being able to move decisively demonstrates thoughtful and prepared organizational leadership and is a positive indicator in “sealing the deal.”

Hiring is more than making an offer.
Egmont Associates acts as an agent in this most important two-way decision making process and ensures that any information that may complicate the agreement is resolved in a timely and appropriate manner. Good communication and experience in negotiation with CEO-level leaders is essential.

Hiring is more than a handshake.
Every organization has stakeholders beyond the Search Committee and Board of Directors. Staff, participants, funders and community members are understandably curious and even anxious about the CEO transition. Asking for input, frequent communication about timing and process, and involvement in planning for the new CEO’s on-boarding are hallmarks of Egmont Associates searches. The introduction of the new CEO to the organization cannot be left to chance if a powerful new team is to be developed.

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