Executive Search


Egmont Associates meets the executive leadership needs of nonprofit organizations by providing full-service retained search support for CEO positions.

Our Goal Fits Your Goal
Your organization and its needs are unique, but the factors that create a high-quality search are proven. Based on almost two decades of executive search experience with nonprofits and CEO candidates, Egmont Associates custom designs each search to achieve an efficient and successful outcome that incorporates your values and culture. We enable your organization to move into a bright future with the right fit in executive leadership.

Egmont Associates offers retained search…
Exec_dreamstimemedium_18073299as your exclusive consultant from the “good ending” of the departing CEO to the “good beginning” for the successor. Full services include:

  • pre-transition planning
  • assistance in retaining a professional Interim Executive Director when appropriate
  • development of the search profile, detailing the characteristics needed in the new CEO, with input from the Board of Directors and staff
  • development and execution of an effective outreach/recruitment strategy
  • information and support for applicants
  • screening, personal contact and recommendation of diverse outstanding candidates
  • attentive assistance and guidance to the Search Committee throughout the process
  • verification of candidate credentials, experience and fit
  • negotiation of the completed offer
  • introductions to the organization’s community

Partial vs. full search services
boss-instructing-business-team-18073299 (1)
Sometimes small nonprofit organizations request advice for their own volunteer-implemented search processes. In a partial search (sometimes called a la carte or unbundled search), a consultant is hired to perform one or more aspects of the process. Our experience has shown partial satisfaction for partial service. A professional search often encompasses numerous hours, more than most volunteers can provide. Further, an experienced executive search consultant knows where pitfalls may impede the likelihood of a successful outcome and provides counsel throughout the process.

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